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Ninja Egg , NextNinja
Based in Tokyo
Xbox One, PC
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Puzzle games are seeing a revival on consoles and Kyub is taking the lead! Move the “Kyub” and use its abilities to solve devious puzzles and escape malicious traps. Switch between action and puzzle phases where you manipulate other cubes to climb walls and destroy obstacles with lasers or activate switches to trigger new paths. Protect yourself and change the Kyub’s status to become immune to the elements. Master the Kyub and discover all its insane possibilities.

Design your journey at slow pace or furiously fast rhythm. But always be wise & creative because memory, reflexes and rapid execution are the keys to completing each challenge. Die a lot, unlock secrets, collect every medal, and be the fastest among your friends on leaderboards. With more than 80 levels the mysterious world of Kyub offers simple mechanics yet a deep gameplay with thousands of combinations!

A concept born in France in the minds of young students, exported and improved in Japan.
Martin Schemidt, French Director of Kyub: “The simplest games are often the deepest. Kyub gives you creative challenges to use your right and left brain. It means “Fun”. Everyone can have a grasp of Kyub but mastering it takes skill.”

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